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Best led grow lights for lettuce

Best led Grow Lights For Lettuce

    LED lights have huge benefits compared to natural sunlight. And for crops like lettuce, you can increase the yield as well as improve the efficiency of the hydroponic system.

    In this blog, I will cover the benefits LED has over other lights and also provide a comprehensive process to choose the best LED lights for your needs. I will also provide some of the best LED grow lights for hydroponic lettuce you can buy. 

    Why Use LED Grow Lights for Lettuce?

    Let’s look at the reasons why LED is the much-preferred choice for hydroponic systems compared to other light sources.

    Energy Efficiency

    When you are growing crops in a hydroponic system, energy consumption is a major issue. The use of LED grow lights helps you reduce that to quite an extent.

    LED lights are more efficient compared to other lights like high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs and metal halide (MH) bulbs. 

    Efficiency means the amount of electricity converted into light. LED converts 80 to 90 percent of electricity into light. Whereas this figure comes down to almost half for HPS and MH. Here is the table that shows the energy efficiency of all three types of lights.

    Type of LightEnergy Efficiency
    LED Grow Light2.7 µmol/J
    High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb1.6 µmol/J
    Metal Halide (MH) Bulb1.2 µmol/J

    Another way to look at these figures is in terms of heat. Since LED converts most of the energy into light, it produces less heat. 

    But in the case of HPS and MH, only half of the energy is converted to light and the rest is in the form of heat. 

    So for growing lettuce, you would have to deal with heat if you use HPS and MH. You would need cooling equipment to dissipate heat. 

    But with LEDs, heat won’t be an issue. 

    Longer Lifespan

    Another advantage of LEDs is that they last longer. With a life span of 50,000 hours, you don’t have to worry about changing the lights every few months or even years. 

    The reason why they last longer is because they use semiconductors that are more durable and resistant to wear and tear. 

    When you compare it to HPS or MH bulbs they generally use filaments and electrodes which degrade quickly. These types of lights generally have a life span of 24000 to 10,000 hours. 

    Also LED lights require less maintenance compared to other types of lights which is again a cost-effective advantage of LED lights. 

    Custom Light Spectrum

    The significant advantage of LED light is that you can control the light spectrum which is quite useful for improving crop yield. 

    You can customize the light depending on the crop you are growing. 

    The lettuce requires higher levels of blue and red light for optimum photosynthesis and growth. If you are able to maintain the right wavelength, you can drastically improve the growth and foliage of the lettuce. 

    The good thing about LED lights is that you can provide different wavelengths of light with the same fixture. All you have to do is invest in quality grow lights that provide complete control over the light spectrum. 

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    How to Choose the Best LED Grow Lights for Lettuce?

    If you are looking to buy best led grow lights for lettuce, you should consider the following things while choosing:

    1. Light spectrum

    I have already made it clear how crucial is a light spectrum for the optimum growth of the lettuce. 

    So while buying LED grow lights for lettuce, understand what light spectrum the light provides. 

    If you are sole focus is on improving the yield, make sure you buy a fixture that uses a combination of Red + Blue LEDs. This color combination is the best for promoting photosynthesis in lettuce. 

    To be specific, any light that is above 5000 Kelvin is suitable for crops like lettuce. For flowering and fruiting crops, you have to go for 3500 kelvin or less. 

    2. Wattage and Coverage Ratio

    The next thing to consider is the wattage which is directly related to the coverage area of the light. The math here is simple, the more area you need to cover more wattage you require. 

    However, it is different for each growth stage of lettuce. Here is the table that you need to follow:

    Stage of GrowthRecommended Wattage per Square Foot
    Seedling25-30 watts
    Vegetative35-45 watts
    Flowering45-50 watts

    However, these numbers may vary depending on the types and size of the lettuce. The general rule which I follow is to provide slightly higher than what is required so that each crop receives ample light. 

    Another aspect you need to keep in mind is the configuration of the system. If you are using a 4 x 4 growing area, you need to use the light configuration that is also 4 x 4. 

    One thing you need to keep in mind when using high-wattage light is heat. Provide good ventilation as well as a heat sink to ensure leaves aren’t burning. 

    4. Durability and Life span

    As I have mentioned earlier LED lights are durable with life span of around 50,000 you have to make sure whatever LED lights you are buying are of high quality. Because the use of high-quality material will ensure that LEDs last as per specifications.

    I would suggest you stick with lights made by good brands and also try to find products that provide a warranty. 

    Moreover, since LED lights are used for growing crops, they are exposed to moisture and water. You need to find lights that have an IP65 rating. These types of lights can withstand water and moisture. 

    5. Brand

    Buying a branded light is important because it ensures good after-sale service from the seller. 

    LED grow lights are expensive so you want to make sure you invest in quality lights. 

    Here are some of the major brands that you can go for while buying grow lights:

    • Vivosun
    • Spider Farmer
    • Mars Hydro
    • Viparspectra
    • Barrina

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    Our Top Picks

    Here I have compiled some of the best led grow lights for lettuce. I will provide picks for all types of users so that you have options for all types of your requirements. 

    1. Vivosun LED Grow Light With Samsung LM201 Diodes

    best led grow lights for lettuce
    PowerCoverage Light SpectrumWaterproof
    100/200 W3×3 sq ftWhite And RedIP65

    Vivosun is one of the biggest brands when it comes to garden equipment. I prefer using their grow lights because of their built quality. 

    Earlier they used to make bulky lights but now the designs have improved a lot. These are a lot more compact and have one of the best hangers to buy. 

    It is available in both 100 W and 200 W variants. For lettuce 100 W variant is more than enough. 

    A single unit can cover an area of 3 X 3 ft. Though the company suggests it can be used of 4 X 4 ft, use it for 2-3 square ft only. 

    The great thing about the light is this single unit can be used for all the growth stages of the lettuce because of the dimmer settings. It has four settings 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

    Since it is a full spectrum light it provides white, red, and far red light which is necessary for the lettuce. 

    You don’t have to worry about the heat with this light as it comes with good heat dissipation functionality. 

    If you want to scale your setup in the future, you can connect up to 20 lights. 

    For any new grower, this is the best unit that I can recommend. 

    2. Bestva

    PowerCoverage Light SpectrumWaterproof
    100/2000/4000 W8×5 sq ftFull SpectrumIP65

    When you are tight on budget and want quality grow lights for your lettuce, nothing beats Bestva. When you compare this light with other brands that cost more than $100 for 1000W, the amount of light you get is much higher. 

    It is available in three variants 1000W, 2000W, and 4000W. The coverage of the light is much better. You can easily provide light for crops grown in an area of 8 x 5 ft. You can even use this light for a grow tent of size 8 x 8 ft. 

    I recommend using this light for all growth stages of lettuce because it has full-spectrum light. Since it has a dimmer you will be able to control the light for all stages of the plant. 

    I compared the light with the light meter and I found that it provides the same intensity of light as the other expensive lights. 

    If you are a beginner, I definitely suggest you go for this light because there is no other LED grow light that is as flexible as Bestva. 

    For a crop like lettuce which is quite sensitive to heat, Bestva has an extended aluminum heat sink for a larger cooling area. 

    I recommend you use this light if you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in an elaborate hydroponic system. 

    3. Viparspectra

    PowerCoverage Light SpectrumWaterproof
    100 W2.5×2.5 sq ftWhite And RedIP65

    Another great alternative is the Viparspectra. Just like Bestva, it is budget-friendly and great for the small-scale grower. From germination to complete vegetation the grow light has it covered. 

    Regarding the size of the light, you can easily cover the area of 2.5’ x 2.5’ at the vegetative stage. And you can expect it to consume 100W.  

    One of the best things about the light is its cooling system. As you are specifically looking to grow lettuce, controlling the heat is always an issue. With an upgraded cooling system, you can be assured that light will keep the heat to a minimum. 

    Of course, you can easily connect two lights while expanding your setup. But keep in mind use only one light for 2×2 and beyond that add another light. 

    I connected with people using this light. Many of them have been using it for years and they have been using it without switching them off. This shows that this light is highly durable. 


    Final Thought

    Buying the best LED grow lights for lettuce is a one-time investment so, consider your present requirement as well as future requirements before making any purchase. I have tried to provide you with basic information so that you can make an informed purchase. 

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